General questions

Is MesHô entirely free?
MesHô is a freemium website that is to say main functionnalities to organize an event are free (such as managing guests list, doing seating plan, listing to-do tasks...). There exist services with fees but you can still use others services for free.
Which web browser to use
We advise you to use Google Chrome which is the browser the most tested with and the browser with the best performance. But is compatible with a lot of browsers such as Edge, IE 11, Firefox and so on.
Can i modify seating plan of the demo?
Demo is for everyone and is only available in read-only mode. It exists to demonstrate what you can do with MesHô
Is subscription mandatory ?
Yes subscription is mandatory. We do not collect any data about you. The subscription is here to give you an account so you can find all your seating plan.
How to delete my account?
Your can delete your account from the page Manage my account. There will be a link to delete your account.

Seating plan

How to create my first seating plan?
To create your first seating plan, you must first create an event. Once the event has been created, go to the Seating plan section of the event.

1/ The working area
The working area is represented by a grid. This grid can be modified by the Configuration button. We advise you to put the actual dimensions of the reception room to ensure that all guests will fit well in the room.

2/ Add a table
To add a table to the work area, just click on the "Add a table" button. A popup opens where you can define the shape of the table and its dimensions, as well as the number of chairs to be added. We advise you to respect the real shapes and dimensions of the tables for more realism.

To add objects (such as a dance floor, a location for the DJ etc.) to your working area, you can add a table without a chair that can be used to represent any object.

3/ Table and chair options
The added table can be moved by dragging and dropping by clicking on the table. The same principle exists for chairs. By clicking on a table, you will have access to different options. You can do the same on a chair.

4/ Place a guest
Just click on a chair. A menu appears, then go to Seat a guest.

5/ Place guests automatically
After adding enough tables and chairs to accommodate all the guests, you will generate the table plan.
To make your life easier, we have implemented an algorithm for placing guests via the "Generate seating plan" button. You are redirected to a page to select criteria. By clicking on next, you can choose either to generate the table plan from the criteria only or to define affinity groups (Jane and John must be together, but Pat and Bob hate each other). Then just fill the affinities and generate the seating plan to finish.

The suggested solution is a good base to start refining your reflection from.
When i print my seating plan, guests names disappear and only numbers are displayed
When printing, guests names are separated from seating plan to avoid display problems (such as too long firstname & lastname). We have chosen another solution suggested by our user: you have to print seating plan and tables list where you will find your guests associated to a number and a table. Before printing, you will have to name all your tables.

But finally in order to make happy everyone we have add a second page added when you are printing your seating plan. This second page will be the seating plan with printed name. It is not perfect because all names will not be displayed correctly it is better than nothing ;)
I only see initials when i edit my seating plan. How to display their fullnames ?
On the seating plan page, you can do it by switching button with a tag icon situated just under buttons for zooming (+ and -)
Can I do several seating plans?
Yes of course! One seating plan for one event. You will have to create several events in order to do several seating plans. You want to create several versions of one seating plan? Duplicate your event and do your guests or tables changes.
How to do multiple versions for a seating plan?
The only solution is to duplicate your event. Duplicating an event will duplicate guests and tables :) Think about versionning name of your event. Example: Pensez alors à numéroter votre événement. Exemple : My wedding V1 ; My wedding V2 and so on.
I can't find the plan of my reception room
The available plans are those provided by owners of reception room from their professionnal account. If you can't find your plan it is highly possible the owner of your reception room did not subscribe to our service. Contact the owner to introduce to him our service ( and we will try to integrate room plan as quick as possible.

If your reception room is a village/public room, send the plan to us at contact[at] so we can integrate it.

Guests management

How to proceed to import my guests list

Firstly download our template file which is the only one format to be fully supported by MesHô To download it, you have to click on the arrow button next to Import button on the guests list page.

Then modify the downloaded file to add your guests, and finally click on import button (not the arrow), select the file to import.

You can also import guests from your Google or Microsoft account. All permissions must be accepted. (on some browsers and due to some antivirus you will need to autorise tracking devices)

How manage who is coming from guests list
When guests confirm their presence, you will need to update their status. Guests marked as "Not present" can not be added to the seating plan.
How invite guests
You can invite your guests directly from MesHô via the Invite to the event button. This will send an email automatically to all guests whose email has been provided. Guests will receive an email in which they can answer directly if they are present or not. You can receive the sample mail that will be sent with the Check invitation button in the popup that appears after clicking Invite to the event.
Why providing as much as information about my guests is advised ?
It is possible to enter the first name, last name, age of the guest and if it is a couple and with whom. All this information is used by Nono the algorithm that will take care of placing your guests for you. The more information are provided, the better the table plan will be.

To-do list

How to add a task?
Using the Add button, you can add a task by setting:
- its name
- its category
- its deadline for completion
- its price

Identifying the category for a task allows you to group tasks by category.

The deadline before which the task is to be performed is important, so expiring tasks appear at the top of each category.

The estimated price allows to follow its budget which appears at the end of the list of tasks.
Does there exist a database of to-do lists?
To simplify your life, we have put a pre-defined list of to-do tasks. By specifying the date of your event, some tasks imported, will appear with a calculated expiring date that serves only as advice.

Imported jobs work the same way as manually created tasks.
How to group tasks by category?
Using the buttons next to the Display button, you can view tasks as a list, or group them by category.

For the display as a list, expiring tasks appear at the top of the list. In category, expiring tasks appear at the top of their category.